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Stephaniegreen802 2 days ago

Chinese Chicken

My go-to salad choice. Always fresh and chicken tastes amazing. All the salad dressings are so good I usually buy a bottle to keep at home.

Angela 3 days ago

Tuna Avocado Melt

The tuna avocado melt is amazing. The English muffin is so soft. The combo on everything (tuna, tomato, cheese, avocado, and English muffin) is simply divine. If you want something a little naughty, you should try this!

Agjones7 6 days ago

Chinese Chicken

I love this salad! It's very refreshing and so tasty!! I even bought a bottle of the dressing to take home because I hoped to make the salad at home. My salad wasn't as good (lack of pickled ginger maybe?) but the having the dressing at home made me so happy!!

Tylernicolemoore 11 days ago

Chinese Chicken

I can't believe how amazingly good this salad is. It puts my other fav at CCC to shame! Shh ;)

Suzi 13 days ago

Chinese Chicken

Best salads! I've had every salad and they/re all great. I'm also obsessed with their dressings and rarely leave there without purchasing one as well. Everything is good, clean and flavorful. We live in Encino and I used to drive out to Calabasas, and are so glad the Sherman Oaks location is open. Both locations are beautiful and the service is excellent. Great vibe

Ashleynavi 16 days ago

Tuna Avocado

The best salad ever in the world The best sauces Please pick me

Kimberleepeterson 18 days ago

Chinese Chicken

My new favorite place!!!! I've ordered it 3 days in a row. 🤦🏻‍♀️ What can I say....I'm in love. Big portions, tasty and healthy!!! This place will be around for awhile. It's a perfect fit in Sherman Oaks

Sharontoledano96 21 days ago


I eat the noodlerama at least 3 times a week! I switch out the chicken for the tuna (it's to die for)! Since I'm less of a spicy person, I add the sesame dressing and bomb it's perfect 🤤, when I'm feeling extra hungry I add some avocado to spice it up! My favorite post workout meal. Seriously a health but addict!!

Annainboots 21 days ago

Salmon Poke Bowl

The salmon poke bowl is my second favorite item on the menu (second to the noodlerama). it's always so fresh and delicious! An absolutely must-try!

B 22 days ago

Chinese Chicken

I ordered the chinese chicken salad but I got tofu instead of chicken. OMG this salad was so good I have been craving it ever since! I'm from Northern California so I will definitely be ordering the dressing online!

Nikechapman 24 days ago

Tuna Avocado

Salad wasn't bad. But there was maybe a 1/4 of a cup of tuna on a large salad. After paying $13, I'd hope for more than just a sample of tuna in a tuna salad. Other than that it was a good salad. But calling it a tuna salad is generous.

Milehighbites 28 days ago

Chinese Chicken

Light, crisp, and fresh. The pickled ginger is a perfect touch to this already amazing salad. This is our go to item at Health Nut! I mean, come on... it's good, it's healthy, it's fresh, it's simple. What could be better??

Theonlyrij 28 days ago

Cobb Salad

I am addicted to this salad. The mixture of the crunch of the soy bacon bits with the crispy lettuce makes my day! I also use the sesame dressing instead of the ranch.

Nikki.Bri20 30 days ago

Organic Quinoa

This salad was amazing! The house dressing is one of the best dressings I've ever tried. Seriously highly recommend this salad - the size is great! Their chicken is SO good on it also!

Suzyhalajyan about 1 month ago


I don't get how a simple salad can be so delicious. The magic is in the house dressing! Must must must try!

Victoriapeipert about 1 month ago


This salad with tuna and avocado and the house Italian and the mango greentini - this would be my last meal. Enough said.

Yanshayin about 1 month ago


SERIOUSLY I dream about these salads. All the food is so FRESH & delicious but I am simply OBSESSED with the salad dressing for the chef salad. Probably my favorite salad in the entire world tbh. Wish I lived closer or I'd probably go everyday😅 They should honestly just start selling the dressing in large bottles. Thanks Kardashians for introducing me to this amazing joint probably the best thing I got out of that show haha.

Madelinedrake about 1 month ago


This salad is AMAZING! I am obsessed with it. The chicken salad is so creamy but doesn't feel unhealthy, and the sprouts are so refreshing! Sometimes I will add sunflower seeds too for a little extra crunch! I want to branch out and try some more menu items, but I can't ever stray from my favorite!

Nsolomowitz about 1 month ago

Chinese Chicken

This salad was SO delicious! Would highly recommend!

Agishgishgish about 1 month ago


Omg! Yum 😋 Tuna is awesome! I'm super picky about my tuna and I'm so stoked to have found this place. So good and easy when you're on the go! Healthy food yay 👍🎉⚖️🌈

Nselver 2 days ago

Spring Roll

Great healthy side dish or light lunch! Love all the dressings as well

Tatianaseven 4 days ago


Wow this place really surpassed my expectations. I had the deluxe tuna salad and it was amazing! The tuna was so flavorful and fresh. You could tell that every ingredient was fresh! I drove an hour into L.A. to try this salad and it was worth the drive. Can't forget to mention the great customer service! So friendly and salad was ready in minutes.

Beck12 7 days ago


Best salads, sandwiches, etc. so fresh and top quality ingredients. I've been coming here for over 20 years I love Health Nut!!

Jacqueline.M.Luna 12 days ago


This salad is to die for! The tuna, lettuce, veggies, everything is fresh. All the dressings are so great too they can go with any salad. I am officially hooked and will be ordering this for lunch as well as the soup! You must try!!!!

Doughertykathie 15 days ago


I have been wanting to visit for years. Traveled from Oregon this last week and tried the Protien salad and a greentini! It was so good! The restaurant is beautiful and the food was amazing ♥️

Itsamazingjes 17 days ago

Cobb Salad

My boyfriend lives super close to the Health Nut in Sherman Oaks, so we decided to take a trip over and try it out! He got the NoodleRama and I got the Cobb (minus tomatoes). Speaking about mine, I absolutely loved each part of it, especially the bacon... so tastey and well put together. We got them in togo bowls and that worked out great because the servings were so big, we couldn't finish all in one sitting. I didn't try Noodlerama, but my boyfriend thought it was delicious and in fact, brought it home where his roommate claimed it for himself saying he had already tried it and loved it as well so he was determined to eat the rest :) Great food, and great service as well. Thank you!

Katherinedidier 18 days ago

Lettuce Wraps

Healthy & delicious meal with top notch service. I follow a specific diet... and this is a healthy treat that allows me to eat out stress free since I know the quality and nutrition in the meals are on point!

Annainboots 21 days ago

Bottle of Dressing

The spicy Asian sauce is so delicious! I don't even like spicy food but I will put this sauce on literally everything, and eat it until my nose runs. It's delicious and I always have to have a bottle in my fridge at home.

Annainboots 21 days ago


The noodlerama is by far the best item on the menu! So clean and so delicious. I would eat it everyday if I could!!

Juliabesch21 23 days ago

Mango Iced Greentini

Easily one of the best teas I have ever had. It is light and not over sweet. Pairs very nicely with my light and crisp salad.

Daniella.Masrour 26 days ago


NOODLERAMA IS MY FAVORITE FOOD EVER!!! I could seriously eat it every day for every meal. Health nut has always been my fav, and I can't say I've ever had a bad experience there. The food is so fresh, tasty, and healthy. Also such a great environment!! The menu has so much variety and everything on it is amaazzinnnggg. 12/10 recommend to everyone. Get noodlerama!!!

Sophieadumyan.Wfg 28 days ago

Spicey Ricey

Health Nut has been my favorite place for such a long time, I love their message which is "fresh obsession" because same! When I found out they were opening up a location right next to my office in Sherman Oaks I got so excited, I'm literally there every other day! Not only is the food yummy but the customer service is incredible. The food gets the people to come but the customer serves keeps them coming back. The manager and girls in the front taking orders are rays of sunshine, they always have a smile on their face! Every time I order food I ask them to surprise me because I love trying new things. So far my favorite things on the menu is the salmon poke bowl, spicey ricey, and Chinese chicken salad. I'm excited to try new things and add them to my favorites list!

Nehat101 28 days ago


So good! Will definitely order again! Fresh, clean ingredients that fills you up and that doesn't make you regret eating out. So glad this is nearby my home!

Suzyhalajyan about 1 month ago

Spring Roll

I crave this on a weekly basis. Absolute must try, its super fresh but still filling and the spicy sauce has a nice kick.

Lexy9208 about 1 month ago

Avocado Cheese

I love the salad here! I don't usually eat salad but this is really good. Been coming every twice a week now and will highly recommend to everyone!

Aloehrs about 1 month ago


Literally everything on the menu is amazing and fresh and delicious! So happy I don't have to drive to Calabasas anymore!

Neiko about 1 month ago

Lettuce Wraps

This was the best lettuce wrap with tuna I have ever had hands down! The perfect size meal with the perfect ingredients to make everything pop! On top of that the dressing they have is to die for. I already have a group of people coming back with me today to try it! This is my go-to place from now on!

Devrie.Hoffman about 1 month ago


I LOVE the noodlerama! Even with some customizing I do to the salad it is always exactly right and ready quickly. I am a Health Nut addict!!

Hopeschefski about 1 month ago

Spring Roll

So good! I am obsessed with everything that this place. I recently went vegan and this is a great little meal.

Delaneydavalos47 about 1 month ago

High Protein

Most amazing salad ever! I could eat all day everyday!


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