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Em3125 about 13 hours ago


Never did I think I would be obsessed with a salad-until I tried health nut salads. All the ingredients taste so fresh and the dressing taste so unique and yummy. Plus, the soft rice noodles on top is the perfect touch!

Jennyinquiries 1 day ago

Chinese Chicken

every single salad is better than the last! chinese chicken is my absolute favorite (and tip, get spicy asian dressing for an extra spice kick!) their chicken is great quality and you can tell it's freshly made daily. i even buy their dressings for the house to eat with sandwiches and other dishes

Eeyore1003 3 days ago

Chinese Chicken

Best salad ever!!! Its so filling but light and the dressing was amazing.

Kendallkotzur 4 days ago

Chinese Chicken

The Chinese chicken salad is my all time favorite!! I actually crave it!

Chiaseeeds 5 days ago

Grilled Paninis

The spicy tuna panini was really good. I recommend that you order it with half the amount of spicy tuna spread in it though if you are looking for something on the lighter side but still really flavorful and filling, but if you're really hungry just get it as it is. I can't get over how bomb it was!!!

Sabrinamandell 7 days ago

Mango Iced Greentini

Health nut has absolutely the best food and drinks ever!! I drive all the way from Beverly Hills to come here with my sister because we love it so much! I always get the Chinese chicken salad with tuna and a nice tall mango iced greentini! We really can't get enough! Order anything and you won't regret it! Wish I had one closer to go everyday! 😊

Anyaj 12 days ago

Chinese Chicken

Not only is their Chinese Chicken Salad the best, but their Strawberry Lemonade is the best Lemonade I've ever tasted in my life. I'm from Chicago and whenever I'm in the LA area I stop here for lunch.

Ora.Gordon 20 days ago

Tuna Avocado

This is the most delicious most addicting salad ever! I have it with spicy Asian dressing and literally cannot go more than a day without it when I am not away at college! The avocado is always perfect no matter the season, the tuna is always consistently made- the best!

Ashleyinman11 22 days ago

Cobb Salad

You can't go wrong with anything that you get from here! Every salad is delicious and freshly made. The house dressing is my new go-to dressing for every salad. Try the mango tea or regret not getting it! It's by far the bets tea I've ever had. Love this place!

Mariabove 23 days ago

High Protein

Obsessed with this salad always add avocado and skip the cheese! It's so good I craving it!! The best salads in LA! Cannot wait for Sherman Oaks to open.

Alorinagirl 24 days ago


Very tasty salad! The tuna was not overly dry and I didn't need additional dressing! Will be back.

Ladysunnilicious 25 days ago

BLT Avocado

This sandwich is amazing, I have had it 4 times already! I get it without the bacon to try to have a more plant based diet, and this is very helpful towards that goal.

Wendy Marquardsen 26 days ago

Cobb Salad

The Cobb salad is my favorite. It isn't heavy, it has yummy bits of soy bacon, chicken, mozzarella- very satisfying. And the 'Ranch' dressing is so good, I buy it in bottles.

Missroc 26 days ago

High Protein

Best salad ever! Ive been getting this salad for years and could eat it everyday. I even buy their salad dressing to use at home.

Matthew4464 27 days ago

Chinese Chicken

One of the best salads I have ever had in my life. I don't know where these guys get their lettuce from but it is so crisp! The dressing i believe I should homemade and could not be more delicious! I drive 40 minutes at least once a week just to get a salad here!! ITS AMAZING trust me

Npsnell 28 days ago

Bottle of Dressing

I get the dressing shipped to me all the way in St. Louis because I love it so much! It keeps me wanting to eat healthy which is a very hard thing to do in the Midwest. Thanks for all you do!

Irisrenoux2 30 days ago

Salmon Poke Bowl

I've always been a big fan of Health Nut's amazing salads but the salmon poke bowl is beyond amazing! Raw salmon, warm brown rice and pickled ginger ... tastes so fresh and delicious!!!

Emma.Haccoun.Student 30 days ago

Chinese Chicken

It was so good and it was a low calorie meal considering I felt so full and energetic for the rest of the day. I went to the gym after and it was a great power food.

Tweetycutty9 about 1 month ago

Chinese Chicken

One of the best salads you will ever have in your life!!! Thank you HN for always being the best

Stefanylovesyou93 about 16 hours ago


They have the best tuna avocado salad I have ever had. Although it's pretty simple their tuna taste so fresh and they season it so well. They also have the best dressing ever and im so happy they sell the bottles making it that much easier to make my own salads at home.

Mangonogo 2 days ago


It's such a simple but good salad! I hate when places put too many ingredients making the salad overwhelming but the chef salad is the exact opposite. It's so fresh and filling with how big the portion is!

Hunter.Denton1 4 days ago

Brown Rice Roll

LITERALLY the best place ever! I drive all the way from westlake every other day just to get it! Every time I go its so fresh the portions are amazing and the wait time is always under 5 minutes! Definitely recommend :) and definitely get the mango green tea because it is to die for!

Liannagold727 5 days ago


This salad is so delicious and fresh! I love the sunflower seeds and the salad dressing is amazing!

Cammy23v 6 days ago

Chinese Chicken

Salad was amazing and I loved the home vibe I got when entering!

Adyne 9 days ago


Expensive but great

Allieskylee 17 days ago


I love the noodlerama! I've gotten it every time that I've been to Health Nut for the past few years. It's always super fresh and the portions sizes are perfect if you are hungry. My favorite dressing to have with it is the spicy asian dressing but sesame works too! Would definitely recommend to a friend.

Adena.Mosesiankashani.330 20 days ago


The noodlerama with spinach instead of the lettuce is absolutely amazing. I mix half and half of the spicy and sesame dressings shake it up and enjoy it for lunch. It's light but filling since it has the noodles. I'm also very picky with chicken, but their chicken is tasty and shredded and all white meat. It's delicious, fresh and healthy. What more could you ask for?

Indiaberman 22 days ago

Mango Iced Greentini

I am so picky about iced tea and this one is the best I've ever tried!!! I don't live super close but I am willing to drive to get some! So refreshing and light, goes perfectly with a salad.

Bkw.Osborne 23 days ago


I love, love and love this salad. So fresh and satisfying. I substitute the chicken for the delicious tuna and mix the spicy and ranch dressing together. Superb! Thank you Health Nut for providing such great food to Calabasas!!!💖🙏💖

Autumnmontgomery1128 25 days ago

Mango Iced Greentini

LOVE LOVE LOVE the mango iced greentini! So delish! House salad dressing is awesome too

Allisonrotberg 26 days ago

Tuna Avocado

I've loved this place for years and am still amazed I can get such happiness from a salad. I like to substitute Ranch for the house dressing and then it's perfection. I come all the way from the City for this!

Jfwilson33 26 days ago


Good food is not supposed to taste this good.

Jennakolinsky 27 days ago

Tuna Avocado

I have been getting this sandwich for years!! I will send people from all over to get this delicious meal. Totally worth every penny spent here at Health Nut!!!

Chrismarin824 28 days ago

Salmon Poke Bowl

Delicious, fresh, and ready when I got there to pick up.

Hannahsteinberg 29 days ago

Bottle of Dressing

I love the house dressing ! It is my favorite dressing ! Has a really good flavor. I put it on all my salads! Nice balance of savory and sweet!

Sara.N.Nelson 30 days ago

Chinese Chicken

Let me just start by saying, I'm from Washington and this was on our list of restaurants to try and the experience from walking in the door, the smell alone will make you never want to leave! It's hard to explain other than you could tell everything thru made was F R E S H!! 😍 This was BY FAR the BEST salad I have EVER TASTED!! From the fresh, crunchy and crisp hand ripped lettuce, the shredded carrots, the crunchy chow mein noodles, the pickled ginger, and the best tasting chicken that has ever touched my taste buds, man this salad does not disappoint!! Especially how it's only 226 calories, but will keep you full for the rest of the day!! For all you tourists who are coming to the LA area, you MUST and I repeat MUST go here!!

Tennisfms 30 days ago

Tuna Avocado

I love health nut tuna! I literally crave their delicious recipe, on a sandwich, salad, or lettuce wrap, it is the perfect lunch choice!

Lucelysalvarez about 1 month ago

Chinese Chicken

I am very weary of salads with meat in them unless I'm making it at home. But I tried the Chinese chicken salad and I'm in love I so surprised at how amazing it is and delicious. Literally addicted to it and now need it constantly. This place has the freshest food and it's so delicious. I would suggest a tiny bit more kindness from the staff but I'm sure they deal with a lot but that's it