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Claudiaabrego 4 days ago


Asian Chicken salads.. yummy 😋 I was gaining weight, locked in my house since March 13... no matter how much I work out it's all about the food. Thank you so much...

Alondra 10 days ago

Tuna Avocado Melt

I am speechless. This was the best Sammie I've ever had. I ordered a side of the spicy Asian dressing and used it to dip/ spread on my sandwich and it was delicious. Everything was ON POINT! You guys rock!

Emmach8 11 days ago


THE BEST SALAD WITH A SCOOP OF TUNA! Seriously I crave this salad all the time. Simple ingredients but always so fresh and healthy. Staff is super friendly and helpful. Location is very clean . I love health nut!

Lara 16 days ago


Absolutely delicious! I dress the salad with the spicy Asian dressing. Try it with this dressing and you will become addicted! So good!

Keke2255 18 days ago

Tuna Avocado Melt

Food was amazing can't wait to go back

Jenvalkana 18 days ago

Health Nut Noodle Soup

Wow o wow!! The ginger and fresh veggies and noodles warms me from the inside out. Definitely my go to comfort soup. It's one of those soups you keep going back for more. I highly recommend!!

Bangissuzanne 20 days ago


I can't get enough of their Chinese chicken salad sandwich toasted with a side of their house dressing on the side. I was so excited when they opened their Sherman Oaks location because it is only 10 min away from me. I also love the mangotini drink. I go there at least 4-6 times a week for lunch. If you haven't tried Healthnut you are missing out! They have the best dressings, sandwiches, salads, and drinks! And the staff at Sherman oaks and Woodland Hills are so nice and helpful! A must try!

Joncfortier 22 days ago

Chinese Chicken

I can genuinely say that the Chinese Chicken Salad 🥗 is THE best MOST delicious salad available anywhere. Their house dressing is to die for and works perfectly with the flavor of the salad. The salad is truly the best salad I have ever had, hands down, I can say that. 😃

Adeyth 28 days ago


This is a great salad option, and I love the dressing! It's on the healthier side and the noodles make it different than other regular salads. I'm pretty obsessed with the noodlerama so I have yet to try the other options, but everything else looks pretty appetizing!

Alexandrajewelryla about 1 month ago

Tuna Avocado Melt

My second favorite. I ask for sliced avocado instead of mashed. It's so delicious with Spicy dressing!

Suzsdream about 2 months ago


I dream about this salad is was so wonderful!!!

Lyssacwhite 2 months ago

High Protein

It's the best salad I've ever had

Hevan975 3 months ago

Chinese Chicken

I love the Chinese chicken salad! Had it when I was in calabasas a few weeks ago. Highly recommend anyone to come to the health nut if they are in the area. The restaurant has a very cool laid back healthy vibe. Love it!!!

Lindseypinky 3 months ago

Chinese Chicken

I've been coming to Health Nut Woodland Hills since high school! My go to the Chinese Chicken salad or the deluxe salad with a scoop of tuna! I love coming to Health Nut, because the food is always fresh and I love the atmosphere in the new deigned store. Being from Calabasas, I always recommend coming to Health Nut for lunch whenever I am meeting a friend. I love to add avocado and cucumbers in my Chinese Chicken Salad. My go to drink is the strawberry mango greentini it's always so refreshing to have and it never disappoints!

Awitkin 3 months ago

Klean Green

This is just like it sounds! It tastes fresh clean and green. It is creamy and naturally sweet - it literally was fantastic! I enjoyed it thoroughly and have been studying the menu to see what to get next time! Delicious!

Kadychap 4 months ago

Spicey Ricey

This is my favorite salad and dressing! So delicious - I could eat it everyday. Add chicken and its protein-packed!

Leannetarrab 4 months ago

Tuna Melt

I normally don't like tuna melts but this one is delicious!

Ashka013 4 months ago

Spring Roll

Loved the spring roll, especially the red garlic sauce that came with it. Felt full, but still light after eating it. Loved the feeling of being full, still light and healthy.

Alicia 4 months ago

Chinese Chicken

Delicious EVERYTIME I order

Lpjlgr 4 months ago


Very nice bye bye

Robertngbrooks 10 days ago

Spring Roll

Not only is it vegan but also so yummy. I love substituting the sesame dressing for the spicy asian it usually comes with. It's great to share with friends or to have as a meal alone. I could eat their spring rolls for days!

Alondra 10 days ago


WOW! I just had my first meal from health nut and I already want to go back! Whatever is in that spicy Asian dressing is what will keep me going back!! Love it :)

Katherinehwang 15 days ago

High Protein

This is the perfect salad for any athlete and gourmet - not only is it nutritious and packed full of protein to fill you up after a hard workout and aid in muscle recover, it is refreshingly delightful with the perfect combination of textures and crunch to satisfy my foodie palate. I suggest pairing it with house dressing with a touch of spicy asian for a bit of kick! I'm actually preparing to ordering it right now AND a bottle of the house dressing to boot! Keep supporting your local restaurants during this crazy time! They need the support!

Info 17 days ago

Cobb Salad

When you fly in from Frisco Texas just to become acquainted with the Kardashian salad, you were hoping it's everything! The restaurant was clean the people were friendly the menus were easy to read but I think the most memorable thing for me was the salad dressing. I took my cell it back to Burbank airport and ate it as I waited for my flight back to Texas. The orange dressing was amazing! I am a admit salad eater, I'm very picky one at that, and when I tell you that the Kardashians salads and the Asian salad dressing was worth the turnaround trip from Dallas, please believe me My name is Karen and I love Health Nut If you are into salad I promise you you will want to try Health Nut and you will want to repeat Health Nut Put down your fork, put down your book or whatever else that's in your way and get a health nut now!!!!

Surfingmarine1 18 days ago

Chinese Chicken

Let me first begin by saying I am an avid fan of Health Nut since the day I tried it some months back. Since then, I have visited the Woodland Hills location at minimum once a week. The food here is incredible with a side of delicious! I have tried most things on the menu, which every item seems to taste better than the last (truly), but recently I tried the Chinese Chicken Salad. What a treat! Each ingredient in the mix compliments the other! The portion is perfect, it is even enough to share with someone if you decide to enjoy it as a side, starter or appetizer. More than enough for one person as a meal. There is nothing to think about if you are deciding where to order/dine in at, Health Nut is it! If you don't have Health Nut in your life then you're missing out!

Bfine33 19 days ago


My go to stop is health nut. The variety their menu provides helps me find anything and everything I want. The environment is welcoming and friendly but the food is exceptional for a great price. My go to order is the noodlerama but the salmon poke bowl, chicken sandwich, noodle soup, are all AMAZING. Also great for kids, my nephew loves it!

Teresa 21 days ago

Chinese Chicken

This salad is so fresh, I immediately feel energized when enjoying this meal!

Wtpettis 22 days ago

Mango Iced Greentini

The mango iced greentini is the BEST iced tea out there!!! I purchase this drink a few times a week and miss it when I can't get over to Health Nut! It is the perfect combo of sweet and satisfying!

Juliadavoudi about 1 month ago

Strawberry Mango Iced Greentini

The Strawberry Mango Greentini is SO refreshing and not too sweet or bitter. It pairs perfectly with anything on the menu, or simply by itself.

Alexandrajewelryla about 1 month ago

Health Nut Noodle Soup

My favorite pick me up when I am not feeling well. I usually get extra avocado instead of chicken. Add cayenne pepper for a kick!

Amybreski about 2 months ago

Turkey Avocado Melt

Yummmm fresh turkey and avocado. Super good combo. Service was good

Alorinagirl 3 months ago


Favorite salad shop in SoCal. Love the chicken and tuna salads. Hoping to see more locations in the future!

Paulynjfulton 3 months ago

Chinese Chicken

Health Nut is the best! It's my favorite place to go to for lunch. Their food never fails to amaze me. I especially love getting their Chinese Chicken Salad paired along with the Mango Greentini. So delicious! I recommend this place to anyone who loves salads and eating healthy. I could eat this stuff everyday!

Kristichapmanlove 3 months ago

Veggie Soup

I'm not a big soup fan but wanted something light for dinner. A girlfriend and I were getting our nails done across the street when we overheard a woman ordering carryout. She gave us the menu and told us how great the food was and that she was losing weight like crazy. The menu looked great so we stopped in. I ordered the veggie soup and clean green smoothie. Both were far and away the best I've ever had. The soup is so light and delicious it's the kind of soup that makes you promise yourself you'll start cooking from scratch again. The smoothie was indeed clean and green and reminded me of what a smoothie really should be. I no longer live in LA, but visit friends and came to the website looking for franchise options because it's THAT GOOD. My bestie had the chicken salad and said it was fantastic.

Edevaney723 3 months ago

Chinese Chicken

The Chinese Chicken Salad is amazing! It was extremely fresh and had great flavor. My friend and I even came all the way back a couple of days later (a 45 minute drive) just because we were craving it again! We also got the mango tea which was very good. Unfortunately I am not from the area, but I will be ordering the Sesame dressing online.

Leannetarrab 4 months ago

Chinese Chicken

Best salad! The ginger is delicious!

Jaclyndgoodman 4 months ago

Chinese Chicken

The most delicious Chinese chicken salad. Clean, fresh crisp lettuce, beautiful white meat chicken strips and very tasty dressing.

Alexandraaftalion 4 months ago


Soooooo good!!! Best tuna I've had. Add cashews on top to make it extra good.

Jenniferljohnson1969 4 months ago

Health Nut Noodle Soup

I've been coming to the health nut for over 40 years. From Tiger milk bars to the vegan pho this place never disappoints.

Abolkin 4 months ago

Tuna Avocado

Dude....hands down BEST PLACE EVER! I go between the deluxe salad or the tuna avocado sandwich. It's always hard for me to decide because all of their food is AMAZING! Their tuna salad is the best around. Even their Sherman Oaks employees are the best and and make sure all is good when I pick up my orders. Thank you Health Nut for all your yumminess and awesome customer service!


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