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Lupe 2 days ago


I have been wanting to try this place for the longest time ever, but i live in OC, so its quite a commute. I was in the area today and was so excited to check it out! I tried the tuna salad and it was absolutely delicious! The portions are large and the dressing was sooo good. I can't wait to come back!

Lapeplau 6 days ago


I'm picky about tuna salad and this is the best anywhere -- truly delicious.

Bethdsilverman 9 days ago

Tuna Avocado

Salad was delicious and fresh. I wish that Health Nut offered fresh lemon.

Nikousaber76 12 days ago

Grilled Paninis

Let me tell you...AMAZING by far one of the tastiest Panini's i have ever had. the flavor is all there and its not as many calories as any other restaurant so its GILT FREE haha.

Divianletonarojas 14 days ago


Juice , tender , natural just like home . A great meal for anyone in the run

Niksop 18 days ago

Chinese Chicken

This salad is DIVINE! I'm a lover of Chinese Chicken salad in general but this one knocks all the others out of the park! Such yummy dressing choices, I enjoying mixing my two favorites for this salad!

Avabutton1 20 days ago


The noodle rama is the best salad i have ever had! The rice noodles mixed with the spicy asian dressing make for an amazing flavor. the fresh lettuce and cucumbers also go super well with the sauce! i recommend also ordering a large mango greentini to have with the salad. it's the perfect meal! so filling and delicious. health nut is the best!!!

Thehudsons1 23 days ago

Chinese Chicken

Everyone enjoys a salad when leaf are green and plump. When you add white breast chucks, follow by sprinkle of crispy noodles. If you want venture out add your favorites.

Info 27 days ago

Health Nut Noodle Soup

This one with chicken was super relished and simply taste homemade. I always cook myself and NEVER have been happy with noodle soup outside my house! THIS ONE.... yum

Kitsie081998 29 days ago

Bottle of Dressing

I live in Canada and ordered 3 bottles of House Dressing. Not only was I very pleased and satisfied with the dressing itself but I am also very pleased with how fast they processed and sent out my order. I will definitely be ordering again! :)

Boos about 1 month ago


Best chicken salad I've ever had in my life. The dressing is insane. Please open up a shop in Pasadena.

Britneelovee about 1 month ago

Spring Roll

I love health nut! I've tried many things on the menu but the Spring Rolls are my favorite! My order is also made quickly and fresh.

Dmelancon about 1 month ago


Great salad, always fresh, crisp and filling. 10/10 would buy again.

Kandcgoodman about 2 months ago

High Protein

This salad was amazing. Everything is so fresh and delicious. I can't wait to go back and order it again.

Nancyhinojosa3 about 2 months ago


If you're in the mood to binge on a terribly bad for you takeout meal, but you don't want to blow a weeks worth of calories, this salad is for you! This is super delish, fresh, and doesn't leave you wishing you worked out twice a day. I get creative and mix the spicy and the ginger dressings for an added dash of delish. This is a five star salad.

Jorry6199 about 2 months ago

Chinese Chicken

Aloha, I was in town from Hawaii & Made it my mission to eat at Health Nut! Ate There Multiple Times ! & Ordered The Chinese Chicken salad, Noodlerama Salad, Chef Salad, & Mango Greentinis! Everything was DIVINE & Seasoned differently... I would honestly eat it everyday if I had the option! & the green mango tini is soo refreshing and just the right amount of sweet!! Thank you soo much! GOD BLESS ABUNDANCE & PROSPERITY Until next timeβœοΈπŸ™πŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ˜Š

Motomel125 about 2 months ago


I was so pleasantly surprised when trying this for the very first time. So delicious and completely refreshing, looking forward to having more to enjoy very, very soon!

Sapirbenatar about 2 months ago

Lettuce Wraps

I get these like 3 times a week and they are soooo yummy I never get sick of them!

Kagray21 about 2 months ago

Tuna Avocado

I absolutely love the tuna avocado salad. I have it at least once a week. It is one of those meals that makes me feel good after I eat it. I don't feel heavy, I just feel satisfied that I just ate a healthful delicious salad. The tuna is so good, and I love the original dressing over the hand torn lettuce, tomatoes and sprouts. The avocado is always fresh and perfectly ripe. I could eat this every day! It's the perfect meal for me!

Lesliexaka about 2 months ago


So, I have food allergies that include, No Gluten, Dairy or Soy. I was able to get The Noodlerama as the noodles are made from rice. I could switch out the regular greens for organic, and swap out the dressing that contained soy with the low-cal dressing that did not. I was so happy with this salad, that I ordered it twice that day, once for lunch and once for dinner. I'm getting ready to order it again now, because the food is really tasty, fresh, and healthy. They also have a ton of other options which eventually I will explore. Bon Appetit!

Star 4 days ago

Chinese Chicken

Fresh, clean and simple, with dressing that picks it up enough yet not overwhelm. That's what I want in a salad. The Chinese Chicken Salad at Health Nut is just that. I really hope it stays this way!

Genevieve14torres 6 days ago


Finally tried this place while on vacation and it lived up to the hype. My salad was just amazing and most importantly, FRESH! Me and the brother in law both got chef salads with their amazing dressing. We also, bought shirts to take back home to Arkansas....I'm so sad, I only got to eat there once. I can't wait for the next trip to California.

Ymorrill 10 days ago


So happy for the new location which is closer to where we live in the inland empire! The Noodlerama salad is worth the drive with all fresh ingredients and option of adding/substituting yummy tuna! Every time we have work or appointments out that way we stop to eat and always have our ice chest with us in car to bring home salad dressings and Noodlerama salads for the whole family! We love the mangotini tea, vegetable soup, and sandwiches too! Hope you will open a location in Inland Empire in the near future! Thank you for offering fresh, healthy, delicious options for eating out! πŸ˜‹πŸ‘πŸ₯¬

Mistairbrush 13 days ago

Turkey Avocado Melt

Loooove health nut and so do my 2 picky teenage boys! I love that I can pick up some "fast food" and still have it be super healthy and taste amazing. We love everything weve tried here. My younger sons favorite is the turkey avocado melt/ My other son loves the tuna melt. Im obsessed with the health nut salad with tuna. Highly, highly recommend Health Nut!

Jeanette 15 days ago


I live in Orange County but was in the area this weekend. I had the Noodlerama today and I also purchased 2 bottles of the low cal dressing to take home (very delicious). This salad is my absolute favorite! The rice noodles takes the salad to a higher level of taste and texture!The spicy dressing seals the flavors together. My new favorite! Perfection! Come to OC!!

Kmvdubb 20 days ago

Health Nut Lunch Combo

I had the half tuna sandwich with a salad and a Chinese Chicken Salad. Both items were insanely delicious! The dressing on both was phenomenal! I actually went back the following day but the store was under renovations. I was planning on ordering 2-3 sandwiches for lunch for the week.

Jerimassage 22 days ago


I loved it every vegetable compliments each other. I picked it with shredded chicken and added avocado instead of tuna. The dressing is so yummy πŸ˜‹ I had it twice within 5 days and I tried because I kept seeing it on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." I probably could eat it everyday if 'Health Nut' was here in Maryland. I wish I was an owner... that's how much I loved it. Jeri C.

Adaszen 25 days ago

Tuna Egg

I go every week and buy 3 Tuna Egg salads I've been doing this for several years. They are absolutely delicious, fresh and filling. They have become my dinner favorite. They last in my refrigerator for several days. And that delicious mango tea, is awesome.

Mnemerovskaya 28 days ago


Loved the noodlerama salad!! I subbed tuna for chicken and added a side of sesame dressing . Delicious!!! Can't wait to eat it again soon

Talicia465 about 1 month ago

Cobb Salad

It was very good , different and different taste ,i'm trying to eat healthy and feel good its good try something new place :)

Laurennicole4227 about 1 month ago


Delicious. Literally the best ever. It's so light and low calorie but super filling and is always delicious! I come to health nut at least 3 times a week for either lunch or dinner and I am always 100% satisfied! I am gluten free and can always count on health nut for a delicious easy meal. Every single dressing is delicious as well can't go wrong with any of them! Will keep coming here forever!

Sophiejones about 1 month ago

Klean Green

this smoothie is great! it tastes so fresh and is so filling and delicious.

Ksdeguzman about 1 month ago


This salad was so delicious and the ingredients were so fresh. The dressing was everything. Definitely coming back again.

Frizzellelectra about 2 months ago

Tuna Melt

This staple sandwich has(hands down) the freshest ingredients around. The delectable 'tuna melt' from Health Nut has quality tuna, the ripest avocados, and the juiciest tomatoes on a wheaty English muffin. A real melt-in-your-mouth goody deliciousness!

Melindakelly about 2 months ago

Health Nut Noodle Soup


Motomel125 about 2 months ago

Health Nut Noodle Soup

This soup was so darn good!!! I am so impressed with the flavors as well as the filling nature of it. All around delicious and will definitely be enjoying again sometime very, very soon!

Jessicadkaplan7 about 2 months ago

Lettuce Wraps

Simply the best! Extremely fresh, so delicious and low calorie. I could eat this daily. This is my absolute favorite with the tofu salad or the organic chicken. I love it with the spicy Asian dressing too.

Jodyhthomas about 2 months ago

Health Nut Noodle Soup

Now that the weather is getting chilly, I can't wait for it to be HEALTH NUT NOODLE SOUP weather! Not only is it chock full of veggies and chicken (or tofu), but the broth is comfortingly delicious too! It's topped with some pickled ginger for that extra boost of healthy YUM!

Ariannenewman about 2 months ago

Spring Roll

I struggle everyday with making healthy food choices, especially for lunch. My friend told me to try the Health Nut Spring Rolls and here I am Two months later and they are my go-to lifesaver for lunch! I am officially low carb and it's all because of your delicious Spring Rolls! I feel like a million bucks after eating them and have no mid day exhaustion anymore.


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